Cris Hunter Marshall (Born March 8, 1987) is a country singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist and producer from Haslet, Texas. 

At age 10 his father taught him a few songs and chords on guitar. Shortly after that he picked up vocals, drums, bass and recording at age 12. Cris started performing at all the local venues with his dad throughout his teens. His mom and dad have completely supported his passion for music from the beginning.

"I remember waiting for my mom to wakeup every morning so I could show her all the new songs I wrote the night before. Seeing my parents reaction to my music and getting their approval has always been important to me".

 He opened a home studio when he was 18, to record artists and bands all over Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Through his twenties he really gained a solid reputation as a music producer and started recording people all over the country. At 23 Cris married his wife Stephanie who has really been his biggest fan and supporter through it all. "She keeps me fired up about life and really makes sure I'm being the best I can be. God has been so great to us and blessed me and my wife in so many ways".  


Growing up he listened to everything from Tim McGraw, Garth brooks, George Strait, Blackhawk, Shania Twain to Journey, Backstreet Boys, Rush, The Beach Boys and everything in between.

"A good song is a good song no matter what genre it's classified in. It's amazing when a song can have a crowd of completely different people singing along. Having at least a few tunes everyone can sing along to is a big goal of mine in my musical career".


Setting his music on the sidelines to focus on his studio for a few years, all he could think about was being back out on the stage letting the world hear his music. Alongside running his studio Cris slowly built up an impressive amount of songs to gear himself up for his debut album release.  

"Being able to write and record all the instruments and vocals to my music and have radio quality is amazing. God really blessed me with a unique set of skills that I'm thankful for daily".


The last few years Cris really began to focus on his songwriting and truly find who he is as a country artist. 

"I love to blend all the musical influences I had growing up. I would say my sound is beachy pop country mixed with christian rock elements".

Growing up with such a wide span of musical influences, Cris developed many different vocal tones, playing styles, and sounds to experiment with. 


At age 28 Cris and his wife had a beautiful baby girl Stella Pearl. "When she came into this world I was like a happy dancing leprechaun (my wife says)! I knew I had to make my musical career happen so I could give my family the best life, full of adventures and good times to remember".